Gunmen reported in Hamburg school

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Two students are believed to have taken a teacher hostage, and police have entered the building, according to media reports

Tactical police teams have entered a school in the Germany city of Hamburg after reports of two students, one of whom is believed to be armed, taking a teacher hostage.

According to Hamburger Morgenpost, one of the assailants was seen with a pistol. Other reports say it is unclear whether the attackers are in fact students.

Officers carrying submachine guns have surrounded the building, and are reportedly conducting a search of the premises.

Local police said in a message on X (formerly Twitter) that their personnel have begun escorting students to safety.

Hamburger Morgenpost reported that the authorities are unsure whether the suspects are still inside the school building. The newspaper quoted a police spokesperson on site as saying that so far there have been no casualties as a result of the incident.    


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