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Redmi 13 is coming soon. Following a successful FCC test, the smartphone is eagerly awaited. The Redmi 12 series had outstanding sales records. The Redmi 13 represents the gateway to a new journey for Xiaomi, and its launch is imminent. Android Headlines has spotted some exclusive information about the features of Redmi 13. Are you curious about the differences between Redmi 13 and Redmi 12?

Redmi 13 specs

Redmi 13 is Xiaomi’s new affordable smartphone. Users had some expectations from this smartphone. A better SOC, advanced camera sensors and more could have come with Redmi 13. However, Xiaomi will upset those who are waiting for Redmi 13. Because Redmi 13 will be almost the same as Redmi 12. The new Redmi model is confirmed to have a MediaTek Helio G88. This information is taken from Xiaomi HyperOS. Therefore it is reliable.


Redmi 13 will have the codename “moon” and internal model numbers, “N19A/C/E/L“. The previous Redmi 12 had the internal model number “M19A”. When we analyze these model numbers, the puzzle pieces fit together. This is not all that is known about the Redmi 13. We also have some information confirming that the device will be sold in the Global and Indian market.

Redmi 13 has model numbers “2404ARN45A, 2404ARN45I, 24040RN64Y and 24049RN28L“. When we examine the model numbers, the regions where the device will be sold come to light. The 24040RN64Y model number indicates the Redmi 13 model with NFC, while the 2404ARN45A model number represents the version without NFC. These models belong to the Redmi 13 models that will be sold in the global market.


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On the other hand, the Indian Redmi 13 is the one with the model number “2404ARN45I“. Finally, you may ask which model number “24049RN28L” represents. This model number belongs to the version of the device to be sold in Latin America.


Xiaomi has interestingly decided to launch the POCO M6 with the same features as the Redmi 13. This is a rebranded Redmi 13. Xiaomi HyperOS source code confirms to us that the two devices will come with similar specifications.

The POCO M6 will be officially launched global and in the Indian market. The model numbers of the device are “2404APC5FG” and 2404APC5FI“. The “G” and “I” at the end of the model numbers confirm what we said.

When we check the Xiaomi server, we see that the main codename of the device is “moon“. This confirms that the Redmi 13 and POCO M6 will run the same software. They will only have minor differences. These are like a design change, etc. Maybe there may be differences in the camera features that we don’t know about. But basically, Redmi 13 and POCO M6 are the same devices.

Redmi 13 will offer a similar experience as Redmi 12. It will be launched with Android 14-based HyperOS 1.0 out of the box. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information on the launch date. This article is focused on the specs of the new Redmi / POCO models to be released. The Android Headlines team has provided you with all the details about the Redmi 13.

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