DK: Orbán cabinet imports Chinese police to serve in Hungary –

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Importing Chinese police to serve in Hungary would violate the country’s sovereignty, the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) said on Wednesday.

A politician of the leftist party, Géza Mustó, said the Sovereignty Protection Office had confirmed that Chinese and Hungarian police officers would mount patrols “during the main tourist season, in peak periods and at events with large crowds” in light of an increase in Chinese tourism to the country.

Musto said DK sought information on what kind of authorisation Chinese police officers would be given and whether they would have access to the personal data of Chinese citizens living here or that of Hungarian citizens.



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In addition, DK wants to know how many officers would be deployed, whether they would operate from their own headquarters, and the duration of their service, he said. Further, it should be revealed whether they would they carry weapons and what means of coercion they may have over Hungarian citizens, he added.

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