‘Many different Amazonias, Amazonians’: The cultures of Brazil’s Amazon

Renowned for its stunning biodiversity, the Amazon rainforest region is also home to a vast array of people and cultures. “People usually think that the environment doesn’t contain and include people, but it does,” said soil scientist Judson Ferreira Valentim, who lives in Brazil’s Acre state. “There are many different Amazonias and many different Amazonians.” […]

Photos: Empty towns to sea laundry: How war has changed Israel, Palestine

On October 7, Hamas launched deadly attacks on southern Israel, prompting a relentless aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip and a subsequent ground offensive by Israel that has killed nearly 15,000 Palestinians. The war has changed the lives of people all across the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel, a 26,790sq-km (10,345sq-mile) area similar in size […]

Environmental changes threaten Japan’s cormorant fishing legacy

Cormorants have been a constant presence in Youichiro Adachi’s life, and when he was young, he cried whenever one of his family’s birds died. Now 48, Adachi still cares deeply for his birds, drawing them out of their baskets each morning and stroking their long necks to confirm their health and maintain a bond. “For me, cormorants are my partners,” he said. Adachi […]