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Canada PM Justin Trudeau In Trouble Over ‘Misleading’ Sales of Weapons To Israel

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Ottawa: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been accused by various civil society groups if “misleading” the public over weapons sales to Israel. As the Gaza war escalates, Canadian group have raised a particular legislation at hand which essentially bans the government from exporting military equipment.

As per a report by Al Jazeera, Canadian legislation prohibits the government from exporting military equipment to foreign actors, especially if there is a risk the weapons can be used in the abuse of human rights.

Numerous civic groups have appealed to the Trudeau administration to end arms exports to Israel, citing violations of Canadian and international law.

However, as per a statement issued by Global Affairs Canada, the North American country has stated that any permits for weapons to Israel after October 7, 2023, have been for the export of non-lethal weapons.

“Global Affairs Canada can confirm that Canada has not received any requests, and therefore not issued any permits, for full weapon systems for major conventional arms or light weapons to Israel for over 30 years,” reported AL Jazeera.

However, advocates and activists have stated that Canadian military exports to Israel have been recorded at over $15 million in 2022. This data was compiled by the activists using government figures.

Advocates have also alleged that Canadian companies have exported over $84 million in military equipment to Israel since 2015, the first time when Trudeau was elected as the Prime Minister.

Earlier this month, Canadian civil societies also wrote an open letter to Foreign Minister Melanie Joly and raised “concerns about the legal and humanitarian implications of Canada’s transfer of weapon systems to the government of Israel.”

“According to annual datasets published by Global Affairs Canada, over the last decade, Canada has exported more than$140-million (constant CAD) in military goods to Israel, including military aerospace components as well as bombs, missiles, explosives and associated parts,” read the open letter issued by Human Rights Watch.
The civil society groups have also urged Trudeau and the government to reduce its exports to Israel, especially in light of the ICJ ruling of January 26, 2024.

“The government of Canada cannot at the same time signal support for the ICJ, and adherence to its rulings, while continuing to arm those whom the ICJ has ruled are plausibly accused of genocide,” the letter added further.

Since October 7, 2023, nearly 28,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed due to Israeli bombardment in the strip, A majority of these deaths have been attributed to women and children. Despite the mounting death toll, Israel has continued to push its Gaza offensive and is now entering the city of Rafah – the last refuge for Gazans.

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