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A pizza delivery agent became the target of a racist attack in Canada’s Toronto. He was verbally attacked by a customer during what should have been a routine delivery. The encounter was recorded on a video and shared on TikTok. Later, it was shared by X profile ‘Catch Up’ on March 27 and has since gone viral, angering social media users.


The altercation began over a seemingly minor issue — the delivery agent, employed by the Canadian pizza chain “Pizza Pizza,” did not have change for a $20 provided by the customer. This led to an escalating argument, with the customer demanding the agent to call customer care to resolve the matter. This was all while recording the exchange on a TikTok video titled “me vs the pizza man.”

Throughout the video, the customer’s aggression is palpable. He belittles the agent with phrases like “Dummy. You stupid. You silly fool. Call the work, please,” and dares the agent with threats of showing him “something.”

Despite the hostility, the delivery agent attempts to handle the situation professionally, contacting customer service for advice on how to proceed.


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Instructions from customer service lead the agent to attempt to retrieve the order, offering to return the correct change. However, the customer’s behaviour only worsens, refusing to engage constructively and continuing to hurl insults.

At one point, the customer mocks the agent’s accent and refuses to pick up a call from customer service. He further demeaned the agent by calling him a “brown clown”, “silly fool” and the “worst delivery driver”.

Watch the video here (Viewers discretion advised):

The video concludes with the delivery agent, maintaining his professionalism under duress, leaving the scene with the delivery box as the customer’s verbal abuse continues.

This episode has triggered conversations online, with viewers expressing support for the delivery agent and condemning the customer’s racist and harassing behaviour.

“You can tell he’s poor just from the way he speaks. Life is already giving him the karma he deserves,” a user said. “The level of patience this delivery man has is unbelievable. He didn’t utter a single abusive word to the customer. It seems he comes from a good family background,” another person said.

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The video went viral with over 23.4k views.

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