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Cabinet secretary Ryan Spagnol has initiated libel proceedings against lawyer and former PN MP Jason Azzopardi.

An appeal by Spagnol’s lawyer, Chris Cilia, was made to the court to speed up proceedings due to the severity of the accusations.

In the past few days, Azzopardi has used Facebook to further accuse Spagnol of being involved in a racket tha asked for bribes and in return issued thousands of ID cards and residence permits. According to Azzopardi, this all took place while Spagnol was working at Identity Malta.

“You (Spagnol) have just opened up Pandora’s box,” Azzopardi warned before saying he has “a river of information” being delivered to him about the Cabinet secretary.


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Finally, Azzopardi left a cryptic message on his Facebook related to the thousands of ID cards obtained through bribes and the connection between these illegal documents and Serbian citizens who are close to Bernard Attard and were facilitated with the same process as Egyptian and Libyan citizens.

What do you make of these allegations?

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