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LN: I always think, I don’t know how casting has done it. I don’t know how they’ve brought together a group of actors that can portray the characters in a truthful way and do a really great job in the show but also just as humans, just get on so well and connect… We feel weirdly connected to each other, like we are sort of siblings. I feel very grateful to be a part of that, especially in my audition process, auditioning for different parts. And Colin wasn’t my first role that I jumped in for.

TV: Oh, what was the first role you read for?

LN: Originally, I read for the Duke, for Simon. I imagine that it was probably the first few roles that they were casting, maybe Simon was the first role that they cast, and then when I read Colin, I was obviously like, “This is a bit of me.” It’s like, I love to be able to do the sort of funnier moments and the more compassionate moments. But yeah, I think sharing that experience with such a big ensemble, we’re just growing and growing. In the first season, we had 100 cast members in total.

TV: You mentioned that you’re excited to see where Colin and Pen’s story goes in future seasons. So you’re committed? You’re like, around?


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LN: Oh, yeah. Absolutely. I feel very invested in the show… like I said before, I just love the people. I love my job. I love my role in the show, so I can’t see myself going anywhere. I just want to finish the stories off. I would say there’s still stuff to get sorted in season four, so yeah, that’s why I’m there.

TV: Are there other projects that you’re currently working on or that you want to do in between?

LN: I’ve been working on bits in between. There’s definitely a few things I’m going to squeeze in before we go again, I imagine, because that’s always in my mind, of like slotting things in and finding something… I was doing a play in London [last year] and I also did an animated film, which was really fun. I got to sing again as well, which [it] has been a number of years.

TV: Are you a singer?

LN: I trained in musical theater, so I sung and trained in that. When I got the offer for that, I was like, “I’m down.” I haven’t sung in a number of years, so that was really fun. I’ve just been diving into trying to just try out everything, now that I’ve got the opportunities to.

TV: So you’ve done West End, would you like to do Broadway one day?

LN: Absolutely. It is a bucket list thing for me. It always has been. Even before being in the West End, I still feel like Broadway was up there as something, as a Brit, as particularly a musical theater performer, Broadway… it just hits the spot. I’d love to originate a role.

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