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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Hey, Bo Nix, there’s a massive playoff game involving the Colorado Avalanche on Saturday night!

“Is there?”

Hey, Bo, do you have anything in mind for your signing bonus?

“Not so far,” he said. “I’m just trying to worry about this offense first.”


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It’s May 11, and Bo Nix is locked in.

Thankfully, these replies, uttered during a question-and-answer session in front of Nix’s newly-minted locker-room stall at Centura Health Training Center, aren’t answers straight out of Crash Davis’ interview-coaching session with Nuke LaLoosh in “Bull Durham.” They don’t come riddled with clichés that require as much thought as opening a soda can.

But they do come with intent — the intent of the Broncos’ new quarterback showing that when he’s on the clock, he’s focused on the job, first and foremost.

Nix would have fit right in with the 1960s Green Bay Packers, who were counseled by legendary coach Vince Lombardi to focus on three things: “Your family, your religion, and the Green Bay Packers.” Shoot, his close-cropped haicut would have passed muster in those days, too.


If you want to get Bo Nix talking, ask him about ball. He gave a thoroughly exquisite answer about what having a good processor entailed when he was asked about that the day after the Broncos made him the No. 12 overall choice in the draft.

He gave a detailed answer Saturday when this reporter inquired about what Nix needed to do to ingest everything Sean Payton throws at him on a daily basis during rookie minicamp, as Payton admitted Saturday to throwing more at his players than they could handle.

“Well, it’s all about studying,” Nix explained. “It’s all about taking one play at a time, master it, make sure you know the fundamentals (and) technique of that play, what the play-caller’s intent is. And essentially, they just want to see you go out and execute it.”

It’s not just about the play. It’s about the intent of the call. This is deeper than just executing. And it gives Nix a chance to be a true extension of Payton on the field.

“And it’s my job as a quarterback to get the play started and get the ball where it’s supposed to be given,” he said. “So a lot of that’s completing passes [and] run-game operation.

“It can be a lot. But I feel like I’m being taught really well by the coaches. They’re doing a really good job of narrowing everything down and making it simple so I can just get up there and process and play fast.”

And as for the style of Bo Nix on the field, Sean Payton said that he didn’t want to use the word “boring,”.

Look, there’s nothing boring about a quarterback completing passes at a highly-efficient clip. And there’s nothing boring about Nix focusing on the task at hand, even when actual games that count are over four months away.

He’s zeroed in on doing the job right — not just on 17 game days, but for all of the meetings and practice repetitions that build up to it.

Whether he succeeds or fails as an NFL quarterback will be determined by far more than that, of course. But there will be no questioning his focus on the task at hand.

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