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Are fried pickles the path to true love? Maybe, it turns out. Benny Blanco went on Howard Stern on Tuesday and spoke at length about how much he loves his girlfriend, fried-pickle fiend Selena Gomez. The couple have been together for almost a year, and it seems that Blanco is already hearing wedding bells.

When Stern declared that Blanco had “no room” for kids in his life, the music producer/cookbook author quickly rebuffed. “I wanna have kids, that’s my next goal,” Blanco said. “I have a lot of godkids; I got a ton of nephews. I love being around kids.”


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Of course, this had Stern wondering when he would make an honest woman out of Gomez, asking him, “When are you going to propose to your very famous girlfriend?” Blanco laughed and said, “When I look at her, I don’t know a world where it could be better than this.” Honestly, that’s a very romantic thing to say. Am I swooning over Benny Blanco?

Later, Stern said that he was “predicting marriage” for the couple. “You and me both,” Blanco replied, before noting that “I gotta get my act together” before he proposes.

I know there are probably some Benny haters in the chat, but I regret to inform you that he’s veerryyy charming in this interview. He told Stern that their Valentine’s Day involved him renting out a theater so they could watch her favorite movie (Almost Famous) and eat her favorite food (Taco Bell) while sitting on a comfy couch (he had the seats removed from the theater). If those are the stops he’s pulling out for V-Day, just imagine what he’ll do when he proposes.

Benny Blanco Wants Kids With Selena Gomez

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