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NEW DELHI: Former Australian deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce on Monday expressed his discontent with his ‘incredibly boring life’ following his decision to give up alcohol and cigarettes after he was filmed lying across a busy footpath in a stupor earlier this year.
In an interview with Channel Seven, Joyce shared his struggles with paying attention to guests who “prattle on” at official functions now that he is sober.
“When I went stomach to the stars I thought: That’s a disgrace, I can’t do that again,” Joyce told Australia’s Channel Seven.
“I’ve given up smoking, I’ve given up alcohol. Life is incredibly boring having to actually talk to people at functions,” said Joyce, who still sits in parliament as a member of the conservative opposition.
“Do you know the sort of rubbish they prattle on about? It’s incredible.”
The decision to quit came after Joyce was filmed mumbling into his phone while lying on the footpath of a busy street packed with bars and eateries.
When asked if he had permanently given up alcohol, Joyce responded cautiously, saying, “Ah, no, look, I’m not saying that.”
Joyce, who remains a member of parliament in the conservative opposition, is known for his colorful political career.
One notable incident involved a dispute with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in 2015 over their pet dogs, Pistol and Boo, which were brought into Australia without following proper biosecurity protocols.
Joyce’s personal life also made headlines in 2018 when the conservative government implemented a “bonk ban” after it was revealed that he had a secret affair with a former staffer who became pregnant.

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