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5 myths about heart failure that you should know

Heart failure stands as one of the most formidable challenges globally, affecting approximately 300 million individuals and putting immense strain on healthcare providers. With a staggering 40% of global heart failure deaths occurring in India, managing heart failure has been a formidable task for patients and healthcare professionals. One of the important factors in managing heart failure is understanding how it is different from heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest.
“Heart failure occurs when enough blood is not pumped into the body. It happens when either the heart is weak, or it has gone stiff. Heart failure doesn’t mean that the heart has completely stopped working, it means that it needs some support to work better. There is no age for it, but commonly heart failure is more prevalent in older people,” said Dr. Suvanan Roy, Director Cardiology, Fortis Hospital Anandpur, Kolkata.
There are some common myths about heart failure that people should be aware of in order to avoid any confusion:

Myth #1 – Heart failure and heart attack are same cardiac conditions.

Both heart attack and heart failure are serious heart problems but still they vary in nature. On one hand, a heart attack means sudden blockage of blood to the heart, while on the other hand heart failure is a condition where the heart is not able to pump blood efficiently.

Myth #2 – There are no warning signs for heart failure.

There are many signs of heart failure that people ignore. These include constant dizziness, irregular pulse, temporary loss of conscious, bloating, confusion, etc. People often associate these are signs of aging or weakness.


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Myth #3 – Younger people are safe from experiencing heart failure.

Although heart failure is commonly seen in the elderly, there are cases in which younger people have also experienced heart failure. Considering that people in their 30s and 40s are living a sedentary lifestyle, they are becoming more prone to such conditions.

Myth #4 – Heart Failure is considered to be ‘end of the road’ and it cannot be managed.

Heart failure doesn’t mean that the heart has stopped working. Although it’s not a condition that can be cured it can be treated, and its symptoms can be managed.

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Myth #5 – All kinds of chest pain is considered as a sign of heart failure.

Chest pain is one of the symptoms of heart failure. However, chest pain can be caused due to various reasons, so it is better to get yourself diagnosed to get clarity on the condition.

Treatment of heart failure

“Although heart failure doesn’t have a cure, treatment can help the patient live longer and have an active life with fewer symptoms. Treatment varies depending on the type of heart failure and how serious it is. Some of the treatment options for heart failure are:

Pacemaker Implants:

A small electronic device is placed in the chest to regulate and maintain the heartbeat before it drops to dangerously low levels.

Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD):

A device is placed under the skin beneath the collarbone. ICD is programmed depending on the heartbeat. It can be programmed for low-energy pacing, causing mild changes in heartbeat, it can also be programmed for high-energy shock to cater to the issue of more serious heart rhythm problems.

CRT device implantation:

This device sends electrical impulses to both the left and right ventricles so that they contract at the same time. Along with treating a slow heartbeat, this device sends electrical shocks if the heartbeat is dangerously high, said Dr Roy.


“Issued in public interest and for educational purposes only. The content of this article is not meant to provide medical or clinical advice. Please consult your doctor for more information.”

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