All for Health, Health for All: Investment case 2025–2028 – World Health Organization (WHO)

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All for Health, Health for All is WHO’s third investment case and has been produced alongside the Fourteenth General Programme of Work (GPW 14) to capture the impact of a fully funded WHO over the period 2025-2028.

Using the GPW 14 themes of Provide, Promote, and Protect health as a lens, the investment case highlights the key policy commitments and deliverables and shows that WHO, in collaboration with Member States and partners, will save an additional 40 million lives.

The investment case is the key campaign document for the WHO Investment Round which aims to secure the full financing of GPW 14 through front-loaded, predictable, and flexible resources.


Investment case 2025–2028: Methods annex
This document provides the methodology used to underpin the calculation of lives saved as a result of GPW 14 activities.


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Sustainable financing for WHO: the investment case

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