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#AllEyesOnCongo is trending on social media

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) faces a relentless cycle of violence and humanitarian crises. A social media campaign using the hashtag #AllEyesOnCongo is drawing renewed global attention to the plight of the nation. This mirrors past efforts to focus on other conflicts, like the situation in Rafah, Gaza.

#AllEyesOnCongo is trending on social media, with users sharing disturbing images and videos showcasing the ongoing violence. While the hashtag has appeared periodically in the past, its current surge aims to bring light to the devastating and long-lasting conflict in the DRC. This conflict has claimed millions of lives and displaced countless people.

A haunting image of Congolese children, shared over 8 million times on Instagram, ignited a social media firestorm. Advocacy groups like Friends of the Congo amplified the message, drawing more eyes to the decades-long conflict in the DRC.

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This conflict is a humanitarian catastrophe. Millions have died and been displaced in a country paradoxically rich in minerals like coltan, vital for electronics. Over 100 rebel groups, including the resurgent M23, fight for control, worsening the chaos.

The M23, ethnic Tutsis who left the Congolese army in 2012, are back on the offensive. Their attacks on key areas like Rubaya have intensified the fighting. Both the DRC and the UN accuse Rwanda of supporting the M23, a claim Rwanda denies.

The violence has sparked outrage within the DRC. In February, protestors clashed with police, burning flags to express frustration with perceived international inaction and suspected support for Rwanda.

This conflict has deep roots. Tensions from the 1994 Rwandan genocide, which flooded Congo with Hutu refugees, ignited two wars. The latter, starting in 1998, led to millions of Congolese deaths. The political situation remains unstable, with President Tshisekedi facing a volatile landscape after securing a second term amidst recent coup attempts and arrests, including Americans.

Human rights groups like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International accuse M23 of horrific acts, including mass killings and sexual violence.

The “#AllEyesOnCongo” campaign mirrors similar efforts for Rafah and Sudan, showcasing a growing trend: using social media to shine a light on local conflicts. Sudan itself has faced decades of unrest, from the Darfur Conflict to the recent civil war. Online movements sprang up in support of both countries.

These viral campaigns, with millions of views and shares, aim to stir global empathy and inspire action.

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