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President Joe Biden will always do what is the best for the country and Jill Biden, seen as the main force behind him now, will not give up on him. After the first presidential face-off touted as ‘disaster’ by the Democrats themselves, Jill Biden will be appearing on the August cover of Vogue. As Vogue reached out to Jill after the debate, she said she will not let those 90 minutes define the four years of his presidentship.”We will continue to fight,” Jill said making Vogue to conclude that whatever happens in the weeks and months between now and November, it is Dr Biden who will remain the president’s close confidant and advocate.
Jill Biden spoke to Vogue from Camp David Sunday where her family gathered after the debate. It was initially believed that the gathering was to persuade Joe Biden to opt out of the contest but Jill Biden’s assertion that there is no going back confirmed otherwise.
The importance of being Dr Biden
Jill Biden, popularly called as Dr Biden, is under a lot of heat now as Democrat donors are blaming Dr Biden for not asking him to step aside. Billionaire Bill Ackman squarely blamed Dr Biden for dragging Joe Biden into the race for her own interest of being treated like a queen. “FL Jill Biden becomes irrelevant the moment her husband is no longer president. No more Air Force One. No more glamorous life. No more White House dinners for dignitaries. No more being treated like a queen when traveling the world,” Bill Ackman said.
After the shaky performance on CNN, it was Jill Biden who led the president off the stage and praised the performance defying the growing rumbles of replacing the candidate. Jill and Joe then attended other campaign events the next days before holing up at Camp David.
But it is not only Jill; Hunter Biden too refuses to believe that any candidate other than his father would do the party any good.

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