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Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are the staple choice and great source of protein intake. It does not require any hard and fast recipe; you can make it as per your taste.


Cottage cheese or Yogurt

These dairy delights are fantastic options for protein based breakfast options. These options comes handy that is why it is also mess free.


Chickpea Salad

A delicious and protein rich option for vegetarians. This will provide you with plant based protein. Which will kick start your morning.


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Protein Pancakes

If craving for tasty pancakes but worried about protein. Than here’s the key: add protein in the batter of pancakes and make it protein pancakes.


Protein smoothie or Shake

If seeking some options in liquids than preparing a protein shake or smoothie along with some salad isa perfect option for the protein rich breakfast.


Overnight Soaked Chia and Oat Pudding

Take some chia seeds and add some oats. Now you can use milk along with some nuts and fruits soak it overnight. Here you can consume the morning as it is.


Brown Rice and Vegetables

Some leftover rice in your fridge no worry. Take the rice and saute some green veggies. You can also prepare some eggs too. Now this breakfast option will surely hit the protein intake.

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