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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas is one of the best-written stories that Rockstar Games has ever offered. Gamers still fondly remember the protagonist’s funny dialogues as well as that of this title’s other characters. However, this is not the only thing that makes San Andreas one of the best games in the Grand Theft Auto series. It has a lot of unique features that the developers never implemented in other titles.

Some of these were excellent additions to the game and allowed it to be more realistic. With all the GTA 6 rumors floating around the internet, fans expect Rockstar to incorporate some of San Andreas’ features in the upcoming installment. This article will highlight five things that never made it to the later games and should make a comeback in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Note: Some parts of this article are subjective and only reflect the writer’s opinion.

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5 features from GTA San Andreas that should make a comeback

1) Dynamic body shape

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Dynamic body shape is one of the coolest features in GTA San Andreas. CJ can turn chubby or muscular depending on how much time players spend at the gym exercising. However, this feature isn’t just for aesthetics.

In several missions, CJ needs to be in shape; otherwise, they fail. Players also receive a call from Big Smoke if they fail to complete a job due to being too bulky.

Rockstar did not implement dynamic body shape in Grand Theft Auto 5, and fans consider this a missed opportunity. However, several of the GTA 6 leaks have foreshadowed that the game might have an active aging system, so expecting this feature to be in that title as well isn’t that far-fetched.

2) A variety of fighting styles

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Combat in Grand Theft Auto games mostly involves guns and explosives. However, San Andreas did things a little differently. In it, gamers can visit the gym and learn several hand-to-hand combat moves.

They may then use these martial arts attacks to beat up enemies without firing a single bullet. It is also refreshing to not use a lethal weapon and just throw hands. The game had several combos that involved simply punching and kicking people.

While GTA 5 offers some variations in melee combat for Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, they are still quite similar with no real distinction or unique flare. On the other hand, Grand Theft Auto 4 had better melee combos than the 2013 release.

3) Focus on territorial wars (gang wars)

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The gang wars were another interesting feature in GTA San Andreas that was unique. Since CJ belonged to the Grove Street Family gangs, he regularly had to face off against Ballas and other rivals.

Each gang controls certain territories on the map and gamers could initiate a war to take over that place. But, this cycle keeps going back and forth because the enemies soon come back to take what’s theirs.

So, there was always something interesting happening in the game other than the main and side missions. It also helped the players feel like they were part of a real gang that needed to defend its territories.

4) NPCs react to your behavior

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While NPCs have never been an important part of the game, San Andreas was able to make them more realistic than they have ever been. CJ has the option to either be polite or rude and this determines the outcome of the conversation.

If the NPC feels disrespected, they can turn hostile and even start attacking the player. This gave the world a sense of realism and a personality to the non-playable characters. This was lacking in the other GTA games.

Rockstar Games was able to achieve a sophisticated NPC AI in Red Dead Redemption 2 that was appreciated by everyone who played it. Fans are hoping for something similar in GTA 6.

5) Robberies and Burglary side missions

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San Andreas was quite focused on providing players with the perfect “thug-life” experience. Hence, the game had several robbery and burglary missions that provided a good distraction.

While it was nothing like the grand bank heists in GTA 5 and its online multiplayer, it was still a good way to relax between long missions and earn some money.

However, having this feature in the game would have made it easier for new players to stack up some cash or gain more experience without having to face too many dangers.

So, these were some features that Rockstar Games should implement in GTA 6 to make it even better than its predecessors.

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